Want to stay up to date in your research field? We regularly host webinars about animal and human behavior research. As a NoldusCare customer you can rewatch them whenever it suits you. With NoldusCare you’ll gain access to all the webinars below. Please use the category filter to narrow down your search.

customer expressions facereader

What’s in a face: Project Analysis Module and Custom Expressions in FaceReader 9 – Jason Rogers, PhD

Data storytelling: A CatWalk XT tale – Jason Rogers, PhD

Rat in the CatWalk XT

Walk this way: Free-walking & treadmill systems for rodent gait analysis – Jason Rogers, PhD

Automated facial expression analysis in young infants – Martina Zaharieva, PhD & Patrick Zimmerman, PhD

Development of emotional communication with mothers, fathers, and strangers – Eliala Salvadori, MSc

Baby FaceReader

How emotions are made in Baby FaceReader – Patrick Zimmerman, PhD

custom expressions

Beyond basic emotions: Best practices when creating custom expressions – Tess den Uyl, PhD

Flavor perception, facial expression & predicting food choice behavior – Jason Rogers, PhD & Geertje van Bergen, PhD

How to measure engagement from facial expressions – Dayenne Sarkol-Teulings

emotional response

The psychophysiology of emotion – Patrick Zimmerman, PhD

CatWalk XT gait analysis in mice: dos, don’ts & pitfalls – Lior Bikovski, PhD & Mu Yang, PhD

developmental psychology

Research in developmental psychology – Patrick Zimmerman, PhD


Inside a Behavioral Lab: Automatic synchronization and dynamic analysis of physiology, emotions and eye-tracking

How to measure emotions – Patrick Zimmerman, PhD

The standardization paradox: Better data with naturalistic behavioral tests – Albert Willemsen, MSc

Simulation-based training: Why and how – Karin Kuiper & Dennie Wulterkens


Innovative methodologies for consumer behavior research – Jason Rogers, PhD

observer coding

Behavioral coding: Designing optimal coding schemes in The Observer XT – Wilant Giessen, MSc


How to integrate psychophysiological & behavioral data with Noldus and BIOPAC tools – Alex Dimov & Patrick Zimmerman

No two mice alike – Irina Kovlyagina, PhD & Huib van den Heuvel, MSc

How to use the Track editor in EthoVision XT – Patrick Zimmerman, PhD

Tools and techniques for zebrafish research – Albert Willemsen, MSc

EthoVision webinar image

Automated rodent behavior recognition with EthoVision XT – Guus Bongers, PhD


Detection settings in EthoVision XT, doing it right – Matt Feltenstein, PhD

Benefits of deep learning based rodent tracking – Steffen van Heijningen, PhD & Romain Hollands, MSc

The dilemma of individual versus social housing of mice – Steffen van Heijningen, PhD

Hiding in plain sight: Hidden zones in EthoVision XT – Matt Feltenstein, PhD

Zebrafish research in the spotlight – Christian Tudorache, PhD & Ruud van den Bos, PhD

EthoVision webinar image

Data analysis, organization, and visualisation in EthoVision XT and Excel – Wilant van Giessen, PhD

Tips and tricks in EthoVision XT – Matt Feltenstein, PhD

Understanding anxiety in rodent models – Mu Yang, PhD & Steffen van Heijningen, PhD


Analysis of spatial behavior: Heatmaps in EthoVision XT – Fabrizio Grieco, PhD

Phenotyping your rodents: Mapping short- and long-term studies – Romain Hollands, MSc

EthoVision webinar image

Boost analysis capability in EthoVision XT with JavaScript variables – Fabrizio Grieco, PhD

Increasing reproducibility and reliability of novel object tests through standardization and automation – Alicia Brantley, PhD

white rat eating

Don’t fear the procedure: EthoVision XT and fear conditioning – Matt Feltenstein, PhD

How to set up DanioVision experiments – Patrick Zimmerman, PhD


UltraVox & EthoVision XT: What is your animal trying to tell you? – Matt Feltenstein, PhD

CatWalk XT field experience: from data acquisition to analysis – Johannes Heinzel, PhD & Ivanna Timotius, PhD