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Noldus Academy

Do you want learn how to use your Noldus installation to its full extent? With the online Noldus Academy you’ll be able to kickstart your research in no time! With NoldusCare you’ll have access to all our online training content.

Human and animal behavioral research

Instant access to webinars & technical briefings

More than 35 webinars to learn all about best practices and new developments in behavioral research and Noldus products.

EthoVision XT onboarding training course

Learn how to get the most out of EthoVision XT

quality Data Matters

Good research means better results

A good comprehension of your Noldus installation and software will help you obtain high-quality results, faster!

Setting up experiments

Get off to a flying start: how to set up the hardware and software for your experiment.

Using the software

Learn how to use Noldus software to obtain high-quality data, as well as analyse and visualise your results.

Research principles

Learn all about the basic research principles for behavioural research in animals and humans.

Meet your trainers

Our knowledgeable trainers will teach you all about using your Noldus installation to its full extent.


Patrick Zimmerman has been a Noldus trainer for more than 18 years. He likes training people in using our products, but also wants them to have fun while doing so.


Marjolein Kops has been with the Noldus team for almost 10 years connecting people with our products. Her passion is to improve our products to make them fit the best with people’s needs and wants.


Kevin Ike is a product owner at Noldus. 
After years of being a happy Noldus customer, he decided to come join the team to contribute to even better products.


Jason Rogers started as an EthoVision XT user in his own research and has been a Noldus trainer for 15 years. He loves behavioral research and strives to inspire users to be excited while using our products.

Common Questions

This depends on which training course you’re taking but also on own your training speed preferences. We do have estimates on the time most participants spend on a training course. You can find this information in the course description if you click on the course.

You need an active NoldusCare contract to be able to access the full course. If you purchase a Noldus installation, NoldusCare is included the first year. If you have a Noldus installation but no NoldusCare, please reach out to us. You can also try out a sample lesson.

An internet connection is required to do the online training. The learning platform doesn’t support offline usage. If you are interested in a live on-site training, please contact us.

You’ll need to complete all quizzes of a training to earn the training certificate. You can retake quizzes multiple times. When you’ve completed the training a button will appear to create your certificate. You can easily share your certificate on social media, such as LinkedIn.

It’s not necessary to complete a training in one go. You can stop during a training whenever you want, and continue whenever is convenient for you. The system will remember where you stopped so you can easily continue with the training.

Our EthoVision XT onboarding training is our first online training. We will gradually expand our portfolio! Are you interested in a specific online Noldus training? Fill out the survey on the courses page or send an email to: academy@noldus.com

The content is delivered online. You can enter the content by logging into MyNoldus. To view the entire course a NoldusCare subscription is required. The training courses typically consist of instructional videos, written content (transcripts) and quizzes to support different learning preferences and to maximize participants’ learning results.